Share your art with the rest of the country

The mission is simple; to support the podcast Music of America,  to provide exposure to up and coming musical talent in America. In some cases, we hope to expand and include existing acts. But primarily it’s our desire to help undiscovered acts get "found".

Each week, we will play one interview per day of 5 different musicians from each state in the country. Week one will feature artists from Alabama and will conclude in week 50 with artists from Wyoming. Each interview will have music from a CD or album or 8-track or whatever your medium is of the day. Since the interviews will be canned (pre-recorded) changes may occur before broadcast and we will be in touch with you to see if there is anything we need to adjust on the podcast before air date. Maybe new album, a new addition or subtraction from a band, a new label or signing or maybe nothing at all.

Let us know if you are interested and what state you prefer to represent (some musicians have dual residences or band mates in other states)

Thanks and we look forward to interviewing you!


Past Events

WEST VIRGINIA - Tom Batchelor Band31 May 2024Online Event
WEST VIRGINIA - MX the American30 May 2024Online Event
WEST VIRGINIA - Gary Jay and Ther Fire29 May 2024Online Event
WEST VIRGINIA - The Heavy Hitters28 May 2024Online Event
WEST VIRGINIA - Robby Comas27 May 2024Online Event
WASHINGTON - Lady Miranda24 May 2024Online Event
WASHINGTON - Celia Farran23 May 2024Online Event
WASHINGTON - Rock Octopus22 May 2024Online Event
WASHINGTON - Shade of Memories21 May 2024Online Event
WASHINGTON - Prickly Paranoia20 May 2024Online Event
VIRGINIA - Bobby Black Hat Band17 May 2024Online Event
VIRGINIA - Sally and Brian16 May 2024Online Event
VIRGINIA - Dave Goodrich15 May 2024Online Event
VIRGINIA - Russell Lynch14 May 2024Online Event
VIRGINIA - Lucid Evolution13 May 2024Online Event
VERMONT - Dave Keller10 May 2024Online Event
VERMONT - Cannonball Krypto09 May 2024Online Event
VERMONT - Jason Baker08 May 2024Online Event
VERMONT - Troy Millette07 May 2024Online Event
VERMONT - Shellhouse06 May 2024Online Event
UTAH - Benny C Quartet03 May 2024Online Event
UTAH - Michael Coones02 May 2024Online Event
UTAH - Zoetic Infinity01 May 2024Online Event
UTAH - DeAnn30 Apr 2024Online Event
TEXAS Dan Wesley White26 Apr 2024Online Event
TEXAS - A Wright Music25 Apr 2024Online Event
TEXAS - The Stray Sons24 Apr 2024Online Event
TEXAS - Jade Throneberry23 Apr 2024Online Event
TEXAS - Karen Lawrence22 Apr 2024Online Event
TENESSEE - Kinda Mad19 Apr 2024Online Event
TENNESSEE - Alexis Jade18 Apr 2024Online Event
TENNESSEE- Inventioning17 Apr 2024Online Event
TENNESSEE - Triple C16 Apr 2024Online Event
TENNESSEE - Reframe15 Apr 2024Online Event
SOUTH DAKOTA - Scott Simpson12 Apr 2024Online Event
SOUTH DAKOTA - Black Hills Soul11 Apr 2024Online Event
SOUTH DAKOTA - Sandy Swallow with Scott Simpson09 Apr 2024Online Event
SOUTH DAKOTA - Jaded Theories08 Apr 2024Online Event
SOUTH DAKOTA - Jaded Theories08 Apr 2024Online Event
SOUTH CAROLINA - DAZR05 Apr 2024Online Event
SOUTH CAROLINA - Band of Jays04 Apr 2024Online Event
SOUTH CAROLINA - The Oud Dude03 Apr 2024Online Event
SOUTH CAROLINA - Colton Beardsley02 Apr 2024Online Event
SOUTH CAROLINA - Tim Leahey01 Apr 2024Online Event
RHODE ISLAND - Kelly and the Poor Boys29 Mar 2024Online Event
RHODE ISLAND - Tequila Jim28 Mar 2024Online Event
RHODE ISLAND - Two Showed Up27 Mar 2024Online Event
RHODE ISLAND - Mary Pierce26 Mar 2024Online Event
RHODE ISLAND - Cole Davidson25 Mar 2024Online Event
PENNSYLVANIA - Michael Botte Band22 Mar 2024Online Event
PENNSYLVANIA - Mum's The Word21 Mar 2024Online Event
PENNSYLVANIA- Houses In The Sky20 Mar 2024Online Event
PENNSYLVANIA - BKB- Brenan Kemsey Band19 Mar 2024Online Event
PENNSYLVANIA - The Just Imagines18 Mar 2024Online Event
OREGON - The Brothers Reed15 Mar 2024Online Event
OREGON - Provesto14 Mar 2024Online Event
OREGON - Chris Baron and Two Secrets13 Mar 2024Online Event
OREGON - Arthur Buezo12 Mar 2024Online Event
OREGON - Lance Eads11 Mar 2024Online Event
OKLAHOMA- Megan Kearns08 Mar 2024Online Event
OKLAHOMA- Big Train and the Locomotives07 Mar 2024Online Event
OKLAHOMA - Harry Lynch06 Mar 2024Online Event
OKLAHOMA - The Frozen Matches04 Mar 2024Online Event
OHIO - Graveyard Pete and the New Appalachian Sound01 Mar 2024Online Event
OHIO -The Outsiders29 Feb 2024Online Event
OHIO - Temple 828 Feb 2024Online Event
OHIO - Crossfire Hurricane27 Feb 2024Online Event
OHIO - The Brian Clash Band26 Feb 2024Online Event
NORTH DAKOTA - Red Dot Recordning23 Feb 2024Online Event
NORTH DAKOTA - Danny Savage22 Feb 2024Online Event
NORTH DAKOTA - Tuesday X21 Feb 2024Online Event
NORTH DAKOTA - Mike Morse20 Feb 2024Online Event
NORTH DAKOTA - Abby Stugelmayer19 Feb 2024Online Event
NORTH CAROLINA - Doc Rose16 Feb 2024Online Event
NORTH CAROLINA - Zig Zac15 Feb 2024Online Event
NORTH CAROLINA - Eric SOmmer14 Feb 2024Online Event
NORTH CAROLINA - Stephen Austin13 Feb 2024Online Event
NORTH CAROLINA - Dr. Bacon12 Feb 2024Online Event
NEW YORK - Glass Prism09 Feb 2024Online Event
NEW YORK - Yael and Gabriel08 Feb 2024Online Event
NEW YORK - Atlas and Oracle07 Feb 2024Online Event
NEW YORK - Isaac French06 Feb 2024Online Event
NEW YORK - J. Schnitt05 Feb 2024Online Event
NEW MEXICO _ Mint Green Elephants02 Feb 2024Online Event
NEW MEXICO - Glass Key Trio01 Feb 2024Online Event
NEW MEXICO - Eye Recogn I31 Jan 2024Online Event
NEW MEXICO - Anna Rudolph30 Jan 2024Online Event
NEW MEXICO - Gabriella Salazar29 Jan 2024Online Event
NEW JERSEY - Eliza Neals26 Jan 2024Online Event
NEW JERSEY - John Wilkey25 Jan 2024Online Event
NEW JERSEY - James Dalton24 Jan 2024Online Event
NEW JERSEY - The British Invasion Years Show23 Jan 2024Online Event
NEW JERSEY - Cassandra Darling22 Jan 2024Online Event
NEW HAMPSHIRE - Mike Birch19 Jan 2024Online Event
NEW HAMPSHIRE - The Soggy Po Boys18 Jan 2024Online Event
NEW HAMPSHIRE - Birch Hill17 Jan 2024Online Event
NEW HAMPSHIRE - The Conniption Fits and Parhelion XIII16 Jan 2024Online Event
NEW HAMPSHIRE - The Aliento Chamber Players15 Jan 2024Online Event
NEVADA - Trouble Show and Breck Lee Durham12 Jan 2024Online Event
NEVADA - Charlie Marks11 Jan 2024Online Event
NEVADA - Dale Poune10 Jan 2024Online Event
NEVADA - Garry Norman09 Jan 2024Online Event
NEVADA - Jason Perl08 Jan 2024Online Event
NEBRASKA - Josh Luce and the Plan 905 Jan 2024Online Event
NEBRASKA - The Scabby Ghouls04 Jan 2024Online Event
NEBRASKA - Keeren Woode03 Jan 2024Online Event
NEBRASKA - Todd Guthrie02 Jan 2024Online Event
NEBRASKA- SRT01 Jan 2024Online Event
MONTANA - Nicole Gobert29 Dec 2023Online Event
MONTANA - Counting Coup28 Dec 2023Online Event
MONTANA - Band of Drifters27 Dec 2023Online Event
MONTANA -Elana Hayden26 Dec 2023Online Event
MONTANA - Adam Rutt25 Dec 2023Online Event
MISSOURI _ Joe Mendel and Mendel's Frets22 Dec 2023Online Event
MISSOURI - Janson Gates21 Dec 2023Online Event
MISSOURI - Soulard B3 Festival with Dave Beardsley20 Dec 2023Online Event
MISSOURI - John Vullo19 Dec 2023Online Event
MISSOURI - Jerry Rabushka18 Dec 2023Online Event
MISSISSIPPI - Christina Alford15 Dec 2023Online Event
MISSISSIPPI - Naomi Taylor14 Dec 2023Online Event
MISSISSIPPI - Bill Landry and Landry Amps13 Dec 2023Online Event
MISSISSIPPI - The Squonk12 Dec 2023Online Event
MISSISSIPPI - Vasti Jackson11 Dec 2023Online Event
MINNESOTA - J-Mo On The Beat and the J- Lighters08 Dec 2023Online Event
MINNESOTA - The Tire Fires07 Dec 2023Online Event
MINNESOTA - Steven J Schmidt06 Dec 2023Online Event
MINNESOTA- Indecent Proposal05 Dec 2023Online Event
MINNESOTA - Twin Citizen04 Dec 2023Online Event
MICHIGAN - Mike Morales01 Dec 2023Online Event
MICHIGAN -Bad Mojo Band30 Nov 2023Online Event
MICHIGAN - Sweet Crystal29 Nov 2023Online Event
MICHIGAN -Sunny Bleau and the Moons28 Nov 2023Online Event
MICHIGAN -Them Heels27 Nov 2023Online Event
MASSACHUSETTS - Linwood Strange24 Nov 2023Online Event
MASSACHUSETTS - Herringbone23 Nov 2023Online Event
MASSACHUSETTS - 19th Nervous Breakdown22 Nov 2023Online Event
MASSACHUSETTS - Yoni Gordon21 Nov 2023Online Event
MASSACHUSETTS - Matt Charles20 Nov 2023Online Event
MARYLAND - Vacant City Drifters17 Nov 2023Online Event
MARYLAND - Gypsi Souls Band16 Nov 2023Online Event
MARYLAND - Callum15 Nov 2023Online Event
MARYLAND - Amy Lloyd14 Nov 2023Online Event
MARYLAND - Dave Bass and the DBG's13 Nov 2023Online Event
MAINE- Why Whisper10 Nov 2023Online Event
MAINE- Brothers Blues Band09 Nov 2023Online Event
MAINE- Enigmatheory08 Nov 2023Online Event
MAINE- Ashlyn Bard07 Nov 2023Online Event
MAINE- Griffin Graves06 Nov 2023Online Event
LOUISIANA - David Trahan / Neworleansmusicians.com03 Nov 2023Online Event
LOUISIANA - Jim Lockwood02 Nov 2023Online Event
LOUISIANA - Terrence and The Fortress01 Nov 2023Online Event
LOUISIANA - We Are The Virus31 Oct 2023Online Event
LOUISIANA- Guitar SLim Jr.30 Oct 2023Online Event
KENTUCKY Willy James Gang27 Oct 2023Online Event
KENTUCKY - HUCK ( HUCK SONG-SMITH)26 Oct 2023Online Event
KENTUCKY - Tattered Sons25 Oct 2023Online Event
KENTUCKY - Nathan Morrow24 Oct 2023Online Event
KENTUCKY- The Bryant C. Project23 Oct 2023Online Event
KANSAS - Absent Saints20 Oct 2023Online Event
KANSAS - Joey Dean and the Dry River Boys19 Oct 2023Online Event
KANSAS- Monkeyhouse Guitars18 Oct 2023Online Event
KANSAS -BRX- Brooks Olivier17 Oct 2023Online Event
KANSAS - Multi Faceted16 Oct 2023Online Event
IOWA - Patrick the Gathering13 Oct 2023Online Event
IOWA - Luke Stutzman12 Oct 2023Online Event
IOWA - Catfish Keith11 Oct 2023Online Event
IOWA - Jerry Norman Jr.10 Oct 2023Online Event
IOWA - Matt Woods09 Oct 2023Online Event
INDIANA - Beautiful Ammunition06 Oct 2023Online Event
INDIANA - Bomar and Ritter05 Oct 2023Online Event
INDIANA - King Bee and the Stingers04 Oct 2023Online Event
INDIANA - Christopher Gipson03 Oct 2023Online Event
INDIANA - Lakshmi Symone Rae02 Oct 2023Online Event
ILLINOIS - Chris Parsons29 Sep 2023Online Event
ILLINOIS - Spizm28 Sep 2023Online Event
ILLINOIS- Julia Miller and Delmark Records26 Sep 2023Online Event
ILLINOIS - Ken Voss and the Illinois Music Archives25 Sep 2023Online Event
ILLINOIS -The Seth Brown Duo25 Sep 2023Online Event
IDAHO - The Wayne Byerly Band22 Sep 2023Online Event
IDAHO - Banjo Matt21 Sep 2023Online Event
IDAHO - Michael J. Brown20 Sep 2023Online Event
IDAHO - Bob Houghton19 Sep 2023Online Event
IDAHO - The Chase Ricks Band18 Sep 2023Online Event
HAWAII - Matt Krahula15 Sep 2023Online Event
HAWAII - Average Joes14 Sep 2023Online Event
HAWAII - Kauz of Affliction13 Sep 2023Online Event
HAWAII- Steve Fundy12 Sep 2023Online Event
HAWAII- Skullboy The Band11 Sep 2023Online Event
GEORGIA- 2unes08 Sep 2023Online Event
GEORGIA- Debra Cohen07 Sep 2023Online Event
GEORGIA- Rebekah Stone06 Sep 2023Online Event
GEORGIA- Canon Tyler05 Sep 2023Online Event
GEORGIA- Mason Parker04 Sep 2023Online Event
FLORIDA- Phil Cole01 Sep 2023Online Event
FLORIDA- D & H Music31 Aug 2023Online Event
FLORIDA- Pam Jaxon30 Aug 2023Online Event
FLORIDA- Darling Dead29 Aug 2023Online Event
FLORIDA- Daryll Dobson28 Aug 2023Online Event
DELAWARE- The Dustin Manucci Trio25 Aug 2023Online Event
DELAWARE - Jim Rezac24 Aug 2023Online Event
DELAWARE- Marissa Levy23 Aug 2023Online Event
DELAWARE - Pultixima with Doug Cannon22 Aug 2023Online Event
DELAWARE- Red Smith21 Aug 2023Online Event
CONNECTICUT- Joel Blumert18 Aug 2023Online Event
CONNECTICUT- The Papa Joe Show17 Aug 2023Online Event
CONNECTICUT- The Tone Shifters16 Aug 2023Online Event
CONNECTICUT- David Kenna15 Aug 2023Online Event
CONNECTICUT- Cosmic Error14 Aug 2023Online Event
COLORADO- B-Normous Productions11 Aug 2023Online Event
COLORADO- Bryce Evans and the Black Cats10 Aug 2023Online Event
COLORADO- Greg Hansen the Djembe Orchestras of Colorado07 Aug 2023Online Event
COLORADO- Dalton La Fever07 Aug 2023Online Event
COLORADO- Atomic X Perience07 Aug 2023Online Event
CALIFORNIA- The Delta Wires ( and Ernie Pinata)04 Aug 2023Online Event
CALIFORNIA - Amber Claire03 Aug 2023Online Event
CALIFORNIA- The Klezmer Juice Band with Gustavo Balgach02 Aug 2023Online Event
CALIFORNIA - Chicken Fried Cats01 Aug 2023Online Event
CALIFORNIA- Coco Jackson31 Jul 2023Online Event
ARKANSAS_ Billy Jeter28 Jul 2023Online Event
ARKANSAS- Bluestone Revival27 Jul 2023Online Event
ARKANSAS - Brick Fields26 Jul 2023Online Event
ARKANSAS- Fonky Donkey25 Jul 2023Online Event
ARKANSAS- Tim Hillwood24 Jul 2023Online Event
ARIZONA- Last Train To Juarez21 Jul 2023Online Event
ARIZONA- Ukulele Uma20 Jul 2023Online Event
ARIZONA- Gabriel the Messenger19 Jul 2023Online Event
ARIZONA- Shan Jam Crane and the Wild Banchees18 Jul 2023Online Event
ARIZONA- Gypsy Piano Blues17 Jul 2023Online Event
ALASKA- Marian Call14 Jul 2023Online Event
ALASKA- BBAAD Productions13 Jul 2023Online Event
ALASKA - Yngvil Vatn Guttu12 Jul 2023Online Event
ALASKA- Hurricane Dave11 Jul 2023Online Event
ALASKA- Meg Anderson10 Jul 2023Online Event
ALABAMA-Tony Brook07 Jul 2023Online Event
ALABAMA-The Drive In Mondays06 Jul 2023Online Event
ALABAMA-Piano and Voice Lessons By Beth05 Jul 2023Online Event
ALABAMA - Brendan Young04 Jul 2023Online Event
ALABAMA- Graysin Slade03 Jul 2023Online Event























































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Tom Pollard is the creator and host of Music of America.  He spent 10 years as a broadcaster in Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.  His first stint was hosting a late night talk show and Sunday morning guest show.  He has interviewed musicians all across the country.

Tom has always had a passion for music. He began playing guitar at an open mic night at the age of 15, with a very warped necked Lyle 12-string. He worked sound with a local band in Missouri while he was also programming a daytime country radio station. He was front man and 2nd guitar for a local cover band in St. Louis.

Tom retired from the working world in April of 2022, bought a house outside St. Louis where his grandkids live and still plays music with his buddies. He decided to build a studio for the guys to use to record some of their stuff for fun then one day it hit him. This podcast idea called Music Of America.

And he hit the ground running, gathering guests and building the studio.  

About the host image