Tom Pollard is the creator and host of Music of America.  He spent 10 years as a broadcaster in Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.  His first stint was hosting a late night talk show and Sunday morning guest show.  He has interviewed musicians all across the country.

Tom has always had a passion for music. He began playing guitar at an open mic night at the age of 15, with a very warped necked Lyle 12-string. He worked sound with a local band in Missouri while he was also programming a daytime country radio station. He was front man and 2nd guitar for a local cover band in St. Louis.

Tom retired from the working world in April of 2022, bought a house outside St. Louis where his grandkids live and still plays music with his buddies. He decided to build a studio for the guys to use to record some of their stuff for fun then one day it hit him. This podcast idea called Music Of America.

And he hit the ground running, gathering guests and building the studio.  

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