The mission is simple; to support the podcast Music of America,  to provide exposure to up and coming musical talent in America. In some cases, we hope to expand and include existing acts. But primarily it’s our desire to help undiscovered acts get "found".

Each week, we will play one interview per day of 5 different musicians from each state in the country. Week one will feature artists from Alabama and will conclude in week 50 with artists from Wyoming. Each interview will have music from a CD or album or 8-track or whatever your medium is of the day. Since the interviews will be canned (pre-recorded) changes may occur before broadcast and we will be in touch with you to see if there is anything we need to adjust on the podcast before air date. Maybe new album, a new addition or subtraction from a band, a new label or signing or maybe nothing at all.

Let us know if you are interested and what state you prefer to represent (some musicians have dual residences or band mates in other states)

Thanks and we look forward to interviewing you!